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Cognitive Targeting



Consumers Live in Reality. Does Your Marketing?

Avrio’s Cognitive Targeting uses A.I. to augment your sales and marketing by capturing the fully contextual sphere of data around each and every customer.

  • Protect your brand, capture new audiences and deliver customer support that even knows what they will want next
  • Deliver marketing that reaches customers’ physical, economical, social and emotional state of mind — not just time and place
  • Uncover sales approaches that perfectly fit each new prospect and the strengths of your team members

Your customers are more than just contacts in a CRM or a general persona based on surveys. Your customer lives in reality, where context and situation impact their interests and wants. Isn’t it time you used predictive sales and marketing actions that help you find, close and keep your best customers?

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Why Avrio?

% less effort
% accurate predictions
times the targeted engagements


More than accurate, we make results understandable. Every results comes with confidence scores on reliability, so you can make informed decisions. 


We know everything there is about data. Whether you need basic support or on-site service, we have you covered no matter how large the project.

How Does it Work?

Human brains can only process about 5 different interactions simultaneously. Avrio uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to provide Cognitive Augmentation that increases you team’s ability 100x or more. We ingest all of the relevant data, from demographics and weather to emotions and competitor actions, to capture a Contextualized Customer and help you find the very best marketing and sales approaches for each individual.

A.I. won’t replace a human, but it can help us be more effective. With the full customer picture, you can move from reacting to anticipating: reduce risk by predicting the effects before you implement.

We know that each business is unique, and so we train our engine on your data, not some generic dataset, so that we can provide results with meaning to you. With A.I., your business is more than a statistic.

Our platform integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem. From our stand-alone apps to integrations with our API, we make it painless.

Unlike others who claim to offer A.I., only we close the loop on human augmentation. Our engine continues to learn from you, not only from changes in your business performance, but brand voice and culture.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Whether you are getting started in Business Intelligence and Data Science or you’re looking to scale current abilities, we can help you get the highest ROI from your data. Take a look at our services and get in contact to get started with Cognitive Targeting.

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