Avrio Services

Avrio can bring cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to your organization.  Here are a few ways we’ve helped past clients. But every organization is different — let us create a customized proposal for you.

Business Intelligence and Data Science should directly benefit business objectives. Our advisory services ensure your data capabilities drive those outcomes across business, data, and infrastructure.

  • Data Strategy: No one knows your business strategy like you and your team. But that doesn’t always translate easily into a plan of action for data.We help you translate your business strategy into a roadmap of clear, prioritized milestones to capitalize on data capabilities and A.I. technologies for your organization
  • In-House Capability Advisory services enhance and assess frameworks, technologies, training and people to create and maintain the paths for your data science and analytical objectives

Whether you are just starting on the road to more analytical capability, or you already have an established team you are trying to scale, we clearly articulate recommendations and back them up with the real-world outcomes achieved for our own prior clients. Utilizing industry expertise, vendor relationships and proven frameworks, we make sure your strategy is agile in any changing landscape.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data science leverages the rigor of the scientific method to achieve remarkable business success. From descriptive models and A.I. algorithms built from your data, we help you turn data into tangible value. Whether it’s optimizing pricing and operations or developing predictive models, Avrio’s team of experts in advanced mathematical techniques can put your in the driver’s seat of the latest Data Science capabilities.

How We Work

Agile development best practices are a hallmark of any great tech company. At Avrio, we have developed a custom agile methodology based on these best practices, to tackle the unique complexity of advanced Business Intelligence and Data Science.

Our consulting work is carried out as a set of iterative “sprints” that divide projects into focused time periods with defined deliverables. This division of a project not only allows us to provide full transparency in the work, but gives you the ability to touch and see the progress — course correcting along the way if needed. We work hand-in-hand with your team to select the most critical objectives and prioritize them before each sprint. There’s no more need to worry about changing needs in your business. We react as quickly as you need.

What kinds of business problems can data really solve? Here are the ways we can help you drive outcomes for your organization with data.

  • Improved customer segmentation and insight
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Anticipate seasonal and promotional effects on business
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase voter engagement
  • Increase visibility into network security
  • Maximize productivity of your data organization
  • Increase revenue through up-selling or cross-selling
  • Increase ROI on data investments
  • Increase ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Develop or enhance revenue-generating data products

We have proprietary technology and world-class experts in multiple advanced machine learning and analytics areas. Here are ways we’ve applied all of that to solve our clients toughest problems:

Consumer Intelligence

Whether it’s to drive engagement and sales or inform new product development, consumer intelligence lets you understand more than generic customer profiles. Behavioral and attribute micro-segmentation allows you to personalize every customer experience to an astonishing level.

Data Opportunity

Data is the new oil. Identify how the unique data in your business opens opportunities for leverage and monetization.

Predictive Analytics

From risk analysis to improved performance, inform critical decisions with more than historical knowledge, but a peak into what’s likely to come next.

Threat and Anomaly Detection

Prioritize the events you see on your network or other operations to cut through the noise and focus on what matters most.

Text Analytics

Understand the conversations customers are having about your brand and improve your own content creation with detailed insights at scale.

Image and Video Analytics

From classification to entity identification, gain insight from the visual world your customers live in.


Improve the accuracy and performance of supply and production chains, operations or even cost and profit with advanced forecasting methods.


Whether it’s pricing or operations, remove inefficiencies to leverage the most out of your current products and processes.

Data Maturity

More than just measuring your current maturity, we recommend an initial road map to turn you into an organization that beats out competition by being Data Driven by Design.

We thrive on building highly capable, highly scalable Business Intelligence and Data Science capabilities. From implementing specific algorithms or generating IP to building an entire department, our Data Driven by Design framework ensures you have the best possible people in your organization doing the best possible work on your data. Firmly rooted in your business objectives, make sure your BI and Data Science capabilities remain relevant across changing circumstances and reduce the risk of your data investments.