Proven results for mission-critical operations

The only FULLY immersive Augmented Reality training platform designed for high-risk, low-occurrence scenarios.

FORGE: Situational Awareness Training for Firefighters

Watchword: Police Augmented Reality Training System that delivers hands-on training in a realistic digital environment                                  

Tackle critical issues: Simulate any hazard from nuclear waste to wildfires while enhancing understanding by using your physical space: Remote logistic hurdles solved by being able to connect your entire force. We support 1000s of participants in a single drill including remote users.

Patented Technology

Industry-leading data scientists

It’s not just about the proprietary tech tools we’ve developed, but it’s also about the people using them. Your trainers are some of the most important members of your team. We give them the tools they need to train effectively, quickly and prepared for the worst with our patented Machine-Learning platform.

Data Analyzing

Content Generation

Take control of your departments specific needs and create custom content for your team in seconds.

Our patented AI lets you generate scenes and adapt them to what your team needs to work on. Biometric reporting is sent directly to the trainer so they can stay on top of their team, no matter how big or small their department is.


Avrio has worked with these data-focused organizations


Human Analytics

Know how your workforce performs. Give them an AI-powered training that will increase productivity, decision-making, and profitability.

Operational AI

Gain a deeper understanding of your operations using AI. Uncover process improvement opportunities to optimize your operations.


Avrio works with a variety of federal and state government agencies, focusing on growth areas where our experience and expertise can help agencies innovate and perform efficiently.