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Biometrics Optimize Augmented Reality Training

The benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) training programs are many.  While standard classroom training is limited to describing and discussing stressful scenarios, AR programs allow trainees to experience these scenarios via immersive simulations.  AR programs require much less physical infrastructure and setup time than live drills.  Improvements in technology have shrunk both the price and size of AR headsets, making AR training an affordable and comfortable experience.

A less obvious benefit of AR is the collection of biometric data.  AR headsets not only project virtual characters and objects into the real world, they also gather data from the user like head and eye movement.  The data is recorded dozens of times per second, providing thousands of data points for each training run.  Analyzing the data can provide valuable insights on when a trainee experienced stress or when they struggled to process information.  Precisely identifying these occurrences removes guesswork from instructors and allows them to focus follow-up teaching to the specific issues of each student.

Instructors do not need to wait until the conclusion of a simulation before using the data.  Machine learning algorithms can analyze the data in real-time, providing immediate feedback to the instructor on whether a trainee is struggling or thriving.  This feedback can be used to adjust the difficulty of the simulation as it unfolds.  A simulation that is too easy fails to challenge and improve a person’s existing proficiency.  Likewise, frustration caused by an overly difficult simulation hinders a person’s willingness to improve.  Calibrating the simulation to the exact needs of a trainee leads to better learning outcomes and avoids wasting valuable training time.

Avrio Analytics works closely with police and fire departments to create AR programs that simulate scenarios seen in the line of duty.  With our additional focus on analyzing and using biometric data, we believe our Forge and Watchword AR programs are the best in the industry.