Forge augmented reality training

To be the best, firefighters need to be ready for any situation at a moment’s notice. But getting the right training to handle unlikely—but dangerous—scenarios is tricky. Material and time costs can limit the amount of training each firefighter needs, potentially increasing risks.

But there’s a smarter, cost-effective, and more efficient way to meet training needs.

Prepare your team

Welcome to Forge

Forge is an augmented reality training system that delivers hands-on training in a realistic digital environment.

Immersion in real environments

Detailed, accurate simulations emulate real buildings and real scenarios.

Usable anywhere

No need to gather the troops. Forge lets firefighters train from station or other location with minimal equipment.

Fully customizable

Train for any scenario imaginable with fully customizable streets, buildings, and more.

If it can happen, Forge can train you for it

When the margin of error is zero, it’s essential that firefighters quickly assess situations and react appropriately.

Forge develops muscle memory, ensuring trainees accurately understand scenarios and make the right decisions. For when live training isn’t available, or repetition is needed prior to live drill training in a safe and easily repeatable environment is necessary.

  • Fires
  • Building size ups for both residential and commercial
  • Chemical Spills
  • Multi-vehicle Accidents
  • Triage

Training for the worst has never been more real

Make sure your team has not only the tools it needs to respond appropriately, but the intelligence and awareness.

Forge uses sophisticated artificial intelligence, biometric tracking, and cutting-edge augmented reality tech to ensure your team knows how to recognize and respond to any situation they may face.

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